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As you know, our thoughts are very powerful, and,
as a collective they are VERY VERY POWERFUL!!

So I ask, at 10pm every night, please send your thoughts of
to this beautiful planet
we live on

thank you




White Wolf
this is one of my main guides. I drew him in 2009.
I met him when he visited me in a dream.

Drawn September 2013.
For more information about this drawing please read the testimonial from Craig, below....

Drawn August 2012.
When Sue drew this picture for me I was amazed at the likeness to my Grandmother who passed to spirit many years ago. I found this photograph of my Grandmother. I know, without doubt, that the drawing is of her. Thanks so much Sue, it really means a lot.
Marie recognised who the drawing was straight away, as a younger version of her mother who has passed over.
Drawn Mar 2012.
For more information about this drawing please read the testimonial from Rev. Tiffany White, below....

Drawn Mar 2012.
For more information about this drawing please read the testaminial from Rev. Tiffany White, below....

Drawn Dec 2011.
I drew this picture for a lady. She recognised it as her friend who had passed away. The patchwork design on the right was also significant as the friend was fond of knitting.
Testimonial below ....
This appeal is from a friend;
I believe this picture is of my father; Douglas Reynolds R.E.M.E. I didn't get a chance to know him. I have tried for 30 years to find out out about him. Could anyone help please? My Mum said that Douglas came from Goole in Yorkshire, England. If anyones knows anything about him could you please contact Sue and she will pass the information on to me. Thank you.

Drawn Oct 2011.
Unknown subject. 


  Drawn Oct 2011.
Unknown subject. 
Drawn Oct 2011.
" This drawing is of my Grandfather's brother. I called him, Uncle Bobby.  I was very excited to receive your drawing of him "
       Sharon McThomas
" My Great Grandmother's picture is now with my Mum.  She recognised her immediately from your drawing.  Unfortunately, at the moment, she can't find a photograph of her when she was younger. "
     Sharon McThomas 2017

This lady was drawn on 16 Aug 2010. The likeness to the photograph is evident.
The subject of the picture wishes to remain anonomous.

I drew this picture on 07 June 2010. At the time of drawing I did not know who it was. Looking through my Nan's old photos, I found out who it was. It is a relation of my mothers, who I knew when I was a child.
Early drawings from 2007.




I had the most wonderful experience, mind-blowing, you might say, from
We exchanged our gifts to each other ... I sent her a photo of myself ... she sent back a drawing of my late father ... absolutely gave me chills ... my father was looking out for me ... she picked it up by analysing my photo ... this truly is a gift.


Sue Reeder responds ...
what Florence did for me;
I was so impressed with;
she was spot on with her information.

Sue Reeder is a very talented psychic artist, and spiritually gifted.  All drawings Sue has drawn for myself have been highly detailed, with a unique quality and depth. 
From Sues' Artwork, I have recognised the faces she has drawn, as family members who have 'passed over', capturing their individual personalities.
If you have lost a love one, or just curious what psychic art is about, definitely contact Sue Reeder.
A lot of time and effort goes into each and every picture, you won't be disappointed.
A highly recommended artist, and total professional in this field of work; don't hesitate, contact Sue today.
Alison Zenden 59

You have done an excellent job connecting with some spirits related

to us. The spirits contacted were workers from the fields of our main protecting spirit, Joseph.  Thanks for your assistance and your insight.

You have very deep spiritual sensitivity.

Sue is a lovely, warm person with a genuine connection to the spirit world.
I felt that she truly tuned in to me & my guides when she did her beautiful spirit portrait.
You will not be disappointed if you order a portrait from Sue!
I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Last year I came upon Sue's website by sheer chance so after a bit of deliberation
I decided that I would contact her. She replied very quickly and produced a drawing within a couple of days. It is a very accurate portrait of my Mother Jessie at the end of her life.
More surprising was the in depth message she wrote so accurate that I heeded her advice.
She was right about my age - a subject that had never come up.
I am sure that I will contact Sue again in the not too distant future.

When I received the drawing from Sue a few weeks back, I was totally taken back. There are too many similarities for it not to be my father. My father has a glass eye and it is evident in the drawing, as well as his extremely narrow lips, exact smile lines, hooked nose, perfect ears and how he parted his hair. I was very close to my father in life and think of him often. I feel blessed it turned out to be him. Sue has an amazing gift and I highly recommend anyone to get a drawing done by her. It's like receiving a gift from heaven. I didn't expect the drawing to be anyone in particular, so that when I received the drawing, my expectations would not get in the way of my excitement.

You have been blessed with a gift Sue and have been put here on earth to reassure us that there is more to life than what meets the eye. I wish you many good wishes with blessings for peace today and always.

Aline xox

At a period of great uncertainty for my family and me, Sue drew a portrait of a lady, (who I did not recognise), who is very supportive of me and who loves me greatly. That evening, whilst studying the picture, I was filled with such a sense of peace and a feeling that everything would be alright that I was moved to tears.

The following week, I showed the picture to my mother without telling her anything about it. She immediately declared it to be of her mother, a lady I did not know. The words, (or more accurately, orders!), which Sue passed on were typical of my grandmother's strong personality and, strangely, brought me great comfort.

Sue is such a lovely, gentle, encouraging person and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.

Hi Sue. Some years ago you did a psychic drawing of a
lady for Pat my wife. At the time we both thought it was likely a good
friend and neigbour. Sadly, my wife Pat passed away after a long
When with me she told me many times; when "gone" she would look
after me! "Find someone and have a happy fun life".
Some time after I went on a coach holiday. I got the last seat and the lady next to
me Irecognised as the one in the drawing. Two years on she is my
partne,r thanks to "Pat" and you Sue.
You truly have a Gift.

Dear Sue, thank you so much for my pictures. They are so good you can see who they are.
The one of my Dad is just like him.
You are very clever, and all you needed was me to write my name down.
Thank you so much.
Tiara Brighten xx

Dear Sue, thank you so much for my two portrait readings which you did for me.
The first one was 8/12/12 and the second one was 22/4/14.
The first one was of two people, my dear Dad who passed away 2 years ago and my friend who passed away whilst I was with him in a road traffic accident 19 years ago.
My Dad was 62 years old when he passed away and the portrait was his face shape, his ears, his chin and lines of his face.
My friend was 21 years old when he passed away and the eyes, nose and mouth were of my friend.
Even though the portrait was of two of my loved ones it was very clear to me that it was both of them from the portrait.
Sue also wrote out some information to go alongside with the portrait as added evidence of spirit communication. Sue connected with spirit well and gave specific details that only I would know. Sue spoke of the name George; my late Dad when he was alive along with my mum, brother and myself use to call a ghost who followed us to different house moves.
We had named him George.
Sue had been given other significant information which was important to me regarding a month in the year about my Dad and me. Sue had been given the name Betty/Bet which my Dad would have known when he was alive as Betty. She was a patient who passed away and I had nursed her for many years during my District Nursing.
Regarding information Sue got connecting to my friend who passed away in the Road Traffic Accident she said about the song 'Its Raining Men, Halleluyah.'
That was a song that both my friend and I use to dance and sing to in clubs when he was alive. Sue had connected to spirit through her psychic artwork and brought through lots of visual and worded information in great detail.

My second portrait, which Sue had done for me, again was significant.
I immediately noted it was my late auntie who had passed away before my late Dad. Sue had connected with spirit and got the correct name of my late auntie.
Sue had also heard the words 'make each moment count.' These were words my late auntie used to say to me when she was alive. My late auntie was a lady of few words and was a very quiet and inward person. Sue very much picked up on this as the connection was a difficult one to bring forward. Even though it was difficult, Sue still managed to help my auntie make herself understood to me.
Thank you very much Sue for both of my portrait readings. You have a very special gift which I have no doubt will bring much comfort and hope to many people. Keep going on this path.
Love Angela Goodman

Sue did a drawing of an older woman who I instantly recognised as my birth mother,
(I was adopted), it was so distinct & I found a photo of her which was almost a mirror image.
A 2nd drawing was of a man in his 40/early 50`s. I knew that I knew him, but could not place him. I carried him about in my car for several months & one day my daughter saw it
& gasped "oh my goodness, that is John"
John was her husband who passed at least 10yrs before!
I had not seen him for about 8yrs prior to his passing & he had obviously
changed in appearance due to illness.
Thank you Sue for this evidence from the spirit world

Sue Reeder is an amazing Psychic Artist. She has drawn a picture of a homeless man, who I recognized as a gentleman who I had helped in the past. I also received from Sue a lovely message from him. I have put the picture on my wal,l I shall treasure this always.
Thank you kindly Sue.
Sharon Edwards

I discovered Sue through a synchronicity as I'd ordered an Ice Age toy from her on the internet for my daughter who loves the films. I noticed the little sticker on the back of the parcel saying that Sue's a psychic artist and because I'm very interested in this subject I took it to be a sign to get in touch for a portrait. Sue very kindly agreed to help me and spirit didn't disappoint. The information told me that Spirit is with me and watching over me which is a great comfort. She told me that the song "Angels" by Robbie Williams has been important to me which is doubly so because I've experienced angelic contact in a very direct manner and work with them now in healing. My daughter had a school nativity where she and her classmates walked onto the stage to Robbie's song and I felt the tears well up. It's a beautiful song. Sue also mentioned "monkeys" at a time when I'd been listening to the music of the band The Monkees with a feeling of nostalgia. Spirit is with us constantly and Sue is one of those talented people that can help to make the realisation more immediate.
Thank you again Sue!

Vic Xxx

ue drew a picture for me about 3 years ago. at the time I showed it to my daughter who immediately said, "it's evil".
So I put it away in a drawer as she didn't want to look at it and I didn't recognise the woman.
My daughter came down to visit from London quite a while later and asked if I still had the drawing Sue had done.
I got it out and she really couldn't believe the likeness.
The woman in the picture was the woman her husband had just gone off with !!!!
Sylvia Bailey

Hi, when I saw your drawing I could tell it was my dad right away, it was quite something seeing him again. It brought a lot of comfort from your drawing,
thankyou once again

Hi Sue, in response to your request about the picture you have drawn of the biker, although initially I didn't understand the picture I did some detective work and asked a healer friend of mine if it meant anything to him. It was a good friend of his who had passed and he was thrilled with the picture which I showed him. The other information was and is still relevant to me and provided comfort to me
thanks Phillippa

After agreement with Sue, I gave her 2 documents concerning 2 different members of my family who had passed. Without showing these to Sue, I placed them into separate, sealed envelopes. The portraits that were given to me were recognisable along with several details which related to my loved ones. The written evidence that was also given was very precise and only confirmed Sue's excellent connection with the spirit world.

On the 16th September 2013 in circle I was given a drawing of a person from spirit by psychic artist Sue Reeder. The drawing also contained information surrounding where he lived and names.
1. Information name of Gavin
2. Traffic lights and supermarket Lidl.
At first I couldn’t recognise the man that was drawn but the information that was relevant for me was the name of Gavin as this is my brothers name and where I live is near traffic lights leading to Lidl’s supermarket, so I took the drawing home with me.
I investigated further and during the week on face book old friends were paying their respects to an old friend from school called Gavin. Still not sure who this man in the picture was I phoned a friend I knew, he jogged my memory of a friend I knew called Gavin who lived on the same street when I was much younger. I showed him the picture and he was amazed at the likeness.
Also found out that I worked with this man in a factory too many years ago.
I was amazed at Sue’s psychic drawing, she has an amazing gift not only as a psychic artist but her mediumship quality too. The information she gets shows spirit will always get placed even if you don’t recognise the person immediately.
Thanks Sue

The drawing and messages that Sue conveyed for me was so accurate! I recognized right away one of my spiritual guides, and getting this confirmation brought a powerful reassurance that I was not alone on my path, and that I am always protected, guided, and loved unconditionally. Sometimes, we may have a hard time to hear/see/understand what our loved ones in the non-physical wish to communicate to us, and what Sue does is exactly that! She is a wonderful and accurate messenger and clairvoyant, and a truly gifted artist full of love and generosity. I highly recommend getting a psychic drawing with her!

Isabelle Goulet

When Sue drew the picture for me I was amazed at the likeness to my Grandmother
who passed to spirit many years ago. I found the photograph of my Grandmother (above).
I know, without doubt, that the drawing is of her.
Thanks so much Sue, it really means a lot.
love Sheila

I have had the privilege of seeing Sue grow, along with perception of her psychic art and work with the Guides-in-Spirit over a period of some seven years; she has studiously undertaken an educational journey of Spiritual awareness, growth and realisation of intelligence continuing after physical death.
Her aptitude and conscious co-operation with this intelligence has resulted in often remarkable evidence of survival.
Her sincerity of motive is paramount to her proficiency: from childlike drawings to clear portraiture.

She, now, is very capable of providing evidence with her art helping others to recognise and to begin questioning they’re own humanity and the possibility of a continuous existence of the human soul.
Carol Hess CSNU

Being a psychic medium and holistic practitioner, I am no stranger to spirit
and they way they communicate.
When I received my pictures from Sue, I was utterly amazed! I immediately recognized the first picture that I pulled out of the mailing envelope.
I was looking at my grandfather! Finally! He has allowed himself to be "captured" by Sue.
Besides myself, Sue is the first person who has successfully
communicated with my grandfather!
The second picture took me a few minutes to recognize, for this is a
younger version of my great grandmother. She is around me a lot and I am not surprised she showed up to make her presence known.
I am completely delighted with Sue's drawing and messages/readings from my family.
Just because I am able to feel, see and hear spirit doesn't mean that I
am unable to be surprised! Thanks Sue for this most pleasant surprise!
Many Blessings to you!

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT

Sue is a fantastic psychic artist. Having worked on stage alongside this inspirational lady on many occasions I can surely say Sue has given real evidence of life after life through her remarkable drawings.On a personal note Sue was able to draw my Grandmother with no prior knowledge.This convinced me that this lady was the real deal.
from Dominic Zenden

It is with pleasure that I write a testimonial for Sue Reeder. The picture and linked message she did for me has opened up doors that I never knew excised. Not only did I get an illustrated face to a name, but also a string of information that enabled me to investigate and indeed factually confirm the existence a person, now in spirit, who played a part in my family history. I feel as though I have made a new friend in spirit. Thank you Sue.
David Rogers

I asked Sue to draw a portrait of my guardian angel and was delighted to see a very strong character with the title: Healing Force. I feel this has to do with my earth healing work
and I will treasure the portrait.
Marie Brownlee

I recognised the face of my friend immediately because it was so accurate.
(the sitter has requested to remain anonymous)